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Saving Time & Money is Why Owners Sell Their Homes Without Realtor Assistance

I think you’ll agree…

homes for sale by owner are becoming the new normal.  With hand held computers…i.e. mobile phones, ordinary people can easily access any property with any specification.  Today over 90% of all real estate is first accessed via online search than by talking with a realtor.  Once a suitable property is located simply pressing a button to dial the seller is as easy as initially finding the property.

It would be a stretch to believe…

that any realtor knows more about any property they represent than the actual owner of that property.  Most realtors do only as much as is necessary to make a sale.  That is it.  Unfortunately most home owners have been mislead to believe a realtors expertise and the MLS system is what ultimately sells their home.

As I have pointed out previously…

buyers on their mobile phones cannot access the MLS system.  Period.  Full Stop.  Primary conclusion:  The MLS system is not relevant and necessary for a buyer to locate the home of their dreams.

Bottom line…

a good online listing service (one that doesn’t charge large up front fees) skilled in keyword research and search engine optimization can provide real estate listings with numerous property specifications for any buyer to find.  Once the buyer finds the home of their dreams the only other step to a successful real estate transaction is contacting the seller, viewing the property, and negotiating the sale.

Time is the only limiting factor…

If you are a real estate seller and have the time to answer some pertinent questions regarding your property and can arrange a showing, i.e. walking a prospective buyer through your home, you also can successfully sell your real estate and save 6% or 7% or the sales price.  I have touched on in previous articles some of the rudimentary steps that all realtors take which can also be easily accomplished by a motivated seller in their spare time.

As always…

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