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How to Sell a House by Owner

how to sell a house by owner

How to Sell a House by Owner

Save Time & Money @ For Sale by Owner HQ

how to sell a house by ownerSave 6% to 7% Realtor Commissions

How to sell a house by owner is easy and fun.  Realtors charge 7% commissions for walking prospective buyers through your home.  Any second grader can do this.  In addition realtors will emphasize the importance for being listed on MLS.  This is simply not the case anymore.  Today buyers using mobile phones can easily access any home in any location with any specification without realtor assistance quickly and easily through our site and others without accessing MLS.

Save 3% & Large Flat Fees with Online Listing Services

Some online listing services charge 3% commissions or large one time flat fees up to $1600 per year or both.  These companies will emphasize their educational resources and exposure to potential buyers as their value of service.  Do not be mislead…  Selling your home is a matter of showing your home to the right person or family who can afford to buy it.  Period.  FULL STOP.  The key to exposure is being listed on the first page of Google and other search engines for specific keywords.  All closing procedures for selling your home can be easily handled by the Title Company.  Selling your home utilizing for sale by owner HQ is the 21st century new normal.

Expand Your Buyers Market with For Sale by Owner Transactions & Owner Financing

I think you’ll agree…

How to sell a house by owner begins with offering owner financing.  Not everyone in this world has perfect credit, and a number of those non perfect credit individuals do have a lot of money ready and able to purchase your home.

Expand Your Buyers Market


A home seller can greatly expand the number of potential buyers interested in purchasing their home with one option: OWNER FINANCING.  The majority of potential home buyers today simply cannot qualify under strict bank underwriting standards.  Therefore by financing your own home you expand the potential market of buyers that cannot qualify otherwise.

The trick here…

is to require a substantial down payment.  With more money in the game the buyer becomes less likely to default and let their money be lost.  We also suggest selling on a contract for deed as opposed to a deed of trust.  This, in the event of a buyer default, allows you to foreclose easier and faster with less legal assistance.  Utilizing a contract for deed also does not impact the marketability of a note sale.

But that’s not all…

Cash Out of Owner Financing (Note) After First Payment

Get One Lump Sum Payment

What’s the real story…

Selling the note after one payment for a minimum discount is contingent upon the yield the note provides.  Structuring a note for good yield is a matter of payment term and annual interest.  If a note is structured correctly, buyers will line up.  It is our business to help you with note structuring as well as the purchase of any note created.  This is why we do not charge large up front fees for listing your home or commissions on the sale of your home.

Avoid Expensive Tax Consequence by Collecting the Note Payments to Maturity

As an alternative to collecting a lump sum payment for the sale of your note simply sit back and collect your monthly payments until maturity.  By doing this you will avoid a hefty tax bill and collect the entire principle and interest of the note.  In this instance you will only pay tax on the interest portion of the note that you collect each year instead of the entire lump sum.  Consult a tax attorney or accountant for specifics.

Save Money and Sell Fast through For Sale by Owner HQ

Save Listing and Sales Commissions

We do not charge sales commissions or large up front listing fees…

Sell Fast by Expanding Buyer Market Through Owner Financing

Open up your potential buyers market by offering owner financing.  Require large down payment and sell on Contract for Deed.

Cash Out for Lump Sum Payment or Collect Slow Monthly Stream for Note Duration

Structure note for yield and acquire ready market of anxious note buyers willing to purchase your note after one payment and small discount.  Save money on tax consequence and collect note payments to maturity.

Bottom Line…

How to sell a house by owner begins right here.  We will help you every step of the way.  Sell your home or real estate fast and inexpensively through

For Sale by Owner HQ

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