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How to Sell Your House by Owner

how to sell your house by owner

How to Sell Your House by Owner

Here’s the story…

how to sell your house by ownerHow to sell your house by owner is easier than you think. Mobile phones and the internet allow buyers to find properties anywhere.  Ninety percent of all buyers do their shopping via a web search anyway.  With sites like this one properties can be found in any country, city or neighborhood. Buyers can also search by price, specification or amenity.  In addition full descriptions, numerous photos, and video walk throughs give buyers everything they could possibly want.  The MLS listing service of realtors is not even accessible by buyers with mobile phones.  Do not believe the hype and sales pitch from realtors regarding the necessity of having your home listed via this method.

But that’s not all…

Offering owner financing will greatly increase your buyers market and audience.  Even if you have a mortgage it is still possible to sell your home and offer owner financing.  The down payment can be used to pay off your existing mortgage.  The key is explaining to all your prospective buyers the size of down payment required.

And the best part…

The best part of course are the options you have when you owner finance.  You can sit back and collect the mortgage payments each month or sell the note and cash out with a lump sum.  Either way the real estate agent is not necessary.  You can give a title company all the necessary instructions as to your purposes.

A few final thoughts…

If you are completely new to selling real estate do what all realtors do.

  1. Take lots of good pictures of your home inside and out
  2. Take a video walk through of your home inside and out and discuss the features
  3. Advertise your home in the newspaper classifieds.
  4. Advertise on Craig’s List and Zillow.
  5. Pick a listing service (like this one) to advertise your home.
  6. Put a sign in your front yard.
  7. Tell your friends and family about the sale and then network some more.
  8. Screen all buyer calls and make sure they understand the price, down payment, financing details if any, property taxes, insurance, etc.
  9. Contact a local title company and get all the answers you need for the actual mechanics of the closing process.

I am sure you’ll agree…

Selling your home by owner can be easy, fun, and most importantly will save you lots of money.  Don’t pay a 6 or 7% realtor commission.  Don’t pay a 3% sales commission or large up front fee from most online listing services.  Currently you can list with us for $12 per year.  Our search engine results are improving daily and will soon be on page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the most prolific keywords in this category.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this process.  We are most interested in helping people such as yourself.

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