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Owner Financing

Owner Financing to Expand Your Market

“Owner Financing” or “Seller Financing” Bring More Buyers

Owner FinancingThe magic 2 words that sell more homes quicker than any others… are “Owner Financing.”  Why?  you might ask.  The answer is easy to answer.  By utilizing these 2 key words your market automatically expands to incorporate a much larger demographic.

Let’s face it…

Most people have had a bad credit experience.  As a result their credit rating is not what it could be.  Most banks are of an unforgiving nature and do not make allowances for losing a job or missing a payment.  This eliminates a large portion of the population from becoming potential buyers of your home.

The obvious solution…

is to bring this group of people back into the potential market.  Make your home available to all those who for one reason or another cannot qualify under strict banking guidelines.  This one simple step will expand your potential market several times.

I think you’ll agree…

by expanding the number of potential buyers eligible to purchase your home the quicker your home will sell.

What are the negatives?

  • Unsure how to proceed?
  • Still have a mortgage to pay off?
  • You need a lump sum payment as opposed to monthly payments stretched out over time?
  • Afraid the buyer might default?
  • Unsure of the mechanics and details of seller financing?
  • Don’t have the time to spend finding out the answers?

It’s all easier than you think…

Remember watching your older brother or sister ride a bicycle for the first time?  How about listening to your older brother or sister read from a book for the first time?  Doing anything the first time is a challenge.  Treading in unknown territory can always create fear and uncertainty.

Bottom Line…

You have to ask yourself what is more important.  Sitting on a home, often times the largest single investment of your life or exploring new alternatives that will lead you to your ultimate goal?  All of the negatives above are what this website is all about.  It is our objective to help all home owners wishing to sell their property do so quickly and with the least amount of strain and expense.  Stay with us in the future for more informative articles on how to sell your home quickly and easily without expensive realtor or online listing submission fees and sales commission fees.

As Always…

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