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Why Sell Your Home FSBO?

fsboThe biggest reason for selling FSBO is to save money.  Period.  Full Stop.  Do not listen to the propaganda that the real estate community wants you to believe.  Walking a prospective buyer through your home is not worth 6 or 7% of the sales price.  Again Period.  Full Stop.

Realtors Charge 6% and Sometimes 7% of the Sales Price of Your Home

What do realtors actually do for this commission?

  1. Put a sign in your yard
  2. Sometimes run an add
  3. Include your listing in the MLS
  4. Walk prospective buyers through your home
  5. Give you the seller “professional service”
  6. Walk you through the closing process, SOMETIMES
  7. Advise you the seller the correct price to charge based on their years of experience and market analysis.

What do realtors claim they do?

  1. Well certainly all of the above
  2. Get you the seller the absolute best price available
  3. Make sure you are not taken advantage of
  4. Bring you only legitimate buyers ready, willing, and able to buy your home

I think you’ll agree when I say…

The 11 steps above can be easily accomplished by you the home owner, (except for MLS listing.)  Moreover you have a personal stake in your home and know it better than anyone.  There is not a third party anywhere that can sell your home better than you can.  The only concession I am willing to submit to you is that perhaps you don’t have the time or inclination to sell your home and follow the above steps.  I will accept that as the only legitimate reason to support realtor help.

The Fallacy of MLS…

It is documented that 90% of all buyers in the market to purchase a home begin their search online.  The MLS is not accessible to buyers on their computers or mobile devices.  With the proliferation of online listing services any person with a mobile telephone can access any property, anywhere, with any specification and amenity.  No MLS or realtor required or needed.

One last point…

A number of these online listing services that help you sell your home via FSBO are not much better.  All of them charge an upfront listing fee.  I have seen some as high as $800 for one year of listing.  In addition I have seen some that charge not only the upfront listing charge, but also charge a back end sales commission charge of 3%.  Most of these services also emphasize there importance for educating the seller in the sales process.  LOL  A good title company can explain and prepare all documentation necessary to close any real estate transaction.

Bottom Line…

Our company For Sale by Owner HQ (Head Quarters) is new but growing quickly.  Currently we only charge an annual $12 fee (that is $1 per month) to list your home.  There are no other hidden charges what so ever.  Our listing provides limitless pictures and updates, video walk through, unlimited description, Google Map designation, floor plan if you want it, not to mention our growing search engine result rankings.  Moreover we are the only listing service (I am aware of) that schools our clients on the benefits of owner financing, note structure, yield mechanics, and note purchases.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information regarding these last points.  We appreciate your support.

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